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At Ijo Arts we dream about two things… making beautiful images and making the world a better place… not always in that order. But it takes more than pretty pictures to make meaningful media. Knowing what who you are and what you want to achieve is the first step to creating what you need.

We are in a unique position. We are media consultants and media producers. We understand the role media plays in promoting your business, advancing your mission and communicating with your audience. As consultants we help you develop a plan that fits, as producers we create the properties (film & video, photography, print collateral, websites, etc.) to put that plan into action.

As individuals we are guided by a sense civic engagement and social responsibility. This is reflected in our commitment to creating engaging, innovative media arts programming for youth. Our independent projects reflect our core values and give us an opportunity stretch out into our most creative spaces.

Our motto, visual media that connects and inspires, pretty much sums up who we are and what we are about.