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During the 2005 -2006 and 2006-2006 school years, Ijo Arts Media Group partnered with the Gear Up program at Asa Mercer Middle School to launch the Edge Magazine project. As a student publication of art and letters, Edge Magazine after school classes taught photography, graphic design and creative writing to students. The project was a partnership with the Gear Up Program and was designed to help the students meet Seattle Public School District reading and literacy objectives while producing a beautiful magazine.

Gear Up – Edge Magazine, Vol. 1, Spring 2006
A Student Magazine of Arts and Letters
The Spring 2006 issue of Asa Mercer Middle School’s Edge Magazine focused exclusively on student creative writing, essays, visual art and photography. As a publication that showcased the talents and skills of the student body, it was used in subsequent years to encourage academic excellence on campus.

Gear Up – Edge Magazine, Vol. 2, Spring 2007
A Student Magazine of Arts and Letters

Much like Edge Magazine Vol. 1, the spring 2007 issue featured more student writing, art and photography. Unlike the first edition, Edge Magazine, Vol. 2 featured a special year-long student project about Hurricane Katrina.

Throughout the course of the 2006 – 2007 school year a seventh grade science class and eighth grade social studies/language arts class at Asa Mercer Middle School in Seattle, WA participated in “Geared Up To Give Back”, a special project in association with Gear Up’s Edge Magazine.

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