Which Way American… Gentrification or Equitable Development?

Cities all across America are undergoing radical transformations. The collective American collective cultural mindset has shifted towards environmentally sustainability and lifestyles with reduced stress. A hallmark of this shift has been the reimagining and revitalization of formerly neglected and blighted urban centers as thriving ‘urban villages’. As more people choose inner cities as ideal places to live and work, developers and investment dollars pour in to upgrade infrastructure and re-energize business districts. These transformative waves do wonders for the landscape, but they also push long-term residents out of their homes and communities. This trend is commonly known as gentrification and a national debate is currently raging about its impact on poor and other marginalized Americans.

Equity in Action: Communities Lead the Way in Equitable Development is a short documentary that we produced for two western Washington based organizations the Regional Equity Network and the Puget Sound Regional Council. The film was premiered at the Regional Equity Summit on November 8 -9, 2013.

The film takes a critical look at how the forces of development impact poor and ethnic communities and how members of those communities have organized to reshape the way development takes place in the future. The new vision for development carries the moniker ‘equitable development’. It emphasizes development and renewal projects that put a priority on preserving and enhancing existing communities as opposed to neglecting and displacing them out of existence.

We love working on projects like these. They allow us to digest complex subjects and create concise narratives that engage audiences while communicating the essence of the issue.

Much thanks to the folks at the Puget Sound Regional Council and The Regional Equity Network for allowing us to partner with you to create more media that matters.


Equity in Action – Communities Lead the Way in Equitable Development (Short Version) from Inye Wokoma-Ijo Arts Media Group on Vimeo.

Client: Regional Equity Network and Puget Sound Regional Council
Project: Produce two short documentary videos about the regional push for equitable development.
Intent: To create two media pieces targeted towards policy makers, developers and community organizers promoting equitable development as a new model for development model.
Producer: Inye Wokoma
Research Consultant: Aileen Balahadia
Writer: Inye Wokoma
Director: Inye Wokoma
Cinematographer: Anthony Tackett
Editor: Inye Wokoma
Narration: Yirim Seck
Post Audio & Musical Score: Contact Create Studios / Lawrence R. Sims Jr.

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