Lost & (Puget) Sound 2

Lost & (Puget) Sound 2

Lost & Puget Sound: How We Followed the Rain and Found Our Voice

When 13 year old Aaron loses his key down a neighborhood storm drain he and two friends learn some surprising facts about stormwater. Inspired by what they learn, the trio sets out to discover the bigger picture about pollution in Puget Sound. The teens decide they must find a way to get the word out about the problem when they start to observe people around them contributing to stormwater pollution everyday without even knowing it. The result is an inspiring story about how everyone, no matter how young, can make a difference.

In the spring of 2010 Ijo Arts Media Group was contracted by Seattle Public Utilities to produce this film. As the media center piece for a middle school science curriculum supplement, the film’s primary role is to inspire curiosity and inquiry in youth about our daily contribution to stormwater pollution. In conjunction with the curriculum the film helps empower youth to engage their communities about this important issue.

Visit the film’s official site to learn more.

Client: Seattle Public Utilities
Length: 30 Minutes


PSA Versions
As a part of this project we produced three public service announcement to help educated the general public about major sources of stormwater pollution in the Puget Sound.