CLIENT WORK: The Corner: 23rd & Union

The Corner: 23rd & Union
was an experiment in community story telling. It’s was public radio documentary created by radio journalist Jenny Asarnow in collaboration with the people who make 23rd and Union part of their lives.

From June-August 2009, The Corner opened up a phone line and asked people to call in, listen to stories, and share their own. Callers left more than 200 messages. Their stories collectively depict a rich and complicated place. Some stories aired on KUOW 94.9 Public Radio and Hollow Earth Radio.  All of the stories are archived on the project’s web site at www.

From June 2009-August 2010, a monumental public art installation featuring larger-than-life photographs of neighbors beautified an empty lot on the southwest corner of 23rd and Union. The installation was a collaborative effort between installation artists Scratchmaster Joe and Nico and Inye Wokoma, who created larger than life portraits of community residents. You can view images of the installation here.

The project was supported by Public Radio Maker’s Quest 2.0, an initiative of AIR, the Association of Independents in Radio, with funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.