In 1998 and 1999 Inye Wokoma was contracted by the Wholistic Stress Control Institute to teach photography for their S.I.M.B.A. program. An acronym for Saturday Institute for Manhood and Brotherhood Actualization, the program brought weekly life, health and stress management classes into Georgia correctional facilities for juvenile felony offenders. Creative arts and expressions formed part of the stress management component of the weekly curriculum.

As the photography instructor Inye worked with the young men as the learned the technical and creative aspects of photography. Working in teams an exercising patience, discipline and commitment as tools for mastering their photographic lessons were a core tenet of the class. The class was limited to specific areas of the facility thus the key challenge for the young men was the re-visualization of their environment as one rich with visual and narrative possibilities.

The photos in this gallery represent some of the images taken by the young men during the classes. Names are omitted and only photos with non-recognizable faces are shown to preserve individual confidentiality.