Stormwater Pollution In Puget Sound; Our latest series of videos produced for Seattle Public Utilities…

We are in the process of wrapping up a project for Seattle Public Utilities. Last summer we were contracted by SPU to produce a series of educational videos about stormwater pollution in the Puget Sound. The project consists of a 30 minute educational film geared towards elementary and middle school students and three 30 second public service announcements for the general public.

This was a very exciting and rewarding project to work on. Starting with nothing more a set of statistics about pollution, background information about the problem and some teaching guidelines from partner school districts, we developed a story featuring three teens who go on a journey and learn about stormwater pollution issues in their community.

As the writer and producer of this short film I am happy to begin sharing the piece as an Ijo Arts Media Group production on behalf of Seattle Public Utilities and the Washington Department of Ecology.


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